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So most of you know my obsession with sound and frequencies, so I thought I would give an extension to my earlier article about The power of the sound – Free energy in frequencies with some of the knowledge I have acquired about Singing Bowls.

I will cover some history, usage, explain the science behind these ancient tools and show you where to buy the real deal.



Some history of the singing bowl

I found it extremely hard to find the origin of the singing bowl but much point to that it’s somewhere around 2000-5000 years old and comes from what seems to be two civilizations, coming together – the Nepalian Artisans and the Tibetan Monks, and was used as a tool of healing. I will get more into that further down.

The skill and knowledge about alchemy back then is pretty amazing. In fact, seven specific metals are used to make a singing bowl. Gold, Silver, Mercury, Iron, Copper, Lead and Tin. They all correspond to a specific planet each, the Sun, Mercury, Venus, the Moon, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn. So this shows us a very complex understanding about the energy flow in our solar system that is captured in these bowls.

They are melted using +2000 degrees and poured into a mold where it is left to cool. Then the bowl is shaped. With the help of a beating hammer that strikes about one million times to get the perfect shape to produce the cleanest frequencies. This is a very time-consuming process that can take many hours or even days to complete. Also, the art that goes into these bowls speak a language of their own. They are very beautiful just to look at.



The benefits of using a singing bowl

First of all, I need to tell you that not every singing bowl is for you. Some people have reported getting feeling of nausea when coming in contact with a bowl that doesn’t resonate well with your own frequency for the moment. So choosing the right singing bowl for you is crucial. If you don’t have access to any local “Singing bowl shops” in your neighborhood, then you could try to find re-sellers that have included an audio-file with the sound of the singing bowl. This doesn’t get you the necessary vibrations as the actual bowl would, but the first thing is to listen to if the sound is “speaking” to YOU! So this could be a good first step of determine which to choose.

The Holistic powers of the singing bowl are used in various ways that benefit your natural energy flow, as in meditation to help your body getting into ease, or remove disease, and synchronize your brainwaves to alter a person’s state of consciousness. This helps a person with both mental and emotional issues. It reduces tension, stress, anxiety and even anger.

Since everything around us, all matter have a sound wave frequency, we humans are also included in that “everything”. The ancient people knew this and used it to benefit mankind. Still, today, the sound of the bowls is used to fine tune a person’s chakras and put them back in to harmony. This way, when the energy moves back to the natural rhythm, the body can self heal itself.

After opening all seven chakras using the resonating sound of a singing bowl, people have often described it as they felt as they just got a massage.

If you feel depressed, anxious or even have a head ache, you can put the bowl over your head, up-side down, and tap it around to help remove these symptoms of disease in your body. Same goes if you have back pains, place the bowl against the back and make it send its healing vibrations right in to your body. This can be applied to every part of your body.

The most popular way to use the singing bowl is to get to a deep state of relaxation when meditating. As the use of one bowl alone has many benefits, several bowls together can magnify the effect exponentially. When two or more bowls are played at the same time it creates a binaural pulse. The tones are trying to become one, hence this pulse. Studies show that this can regulate insulin, balance the endocrine system, help you get better sleep and even improve your memory.


Your body is a computer

Our bodies have a constant water level. This water, as any other water on the planet, has a memory with advanced harmonics coded inside. It reacts to resonance, just as any other water.

Our bodies are made up of silicon dioxide which is the same as quartz. The state of your mind is constantly affecting the quartz in your body. Now, this is an amazing rediscovery because quartz, or crystals, is known for its wide range of capacity such as amplifying, transforming, storing and focusing energy. This is seen in technology everywhere from microphones, radios, TVs, to watches, lasers and in all sorts of things with a computing capacity.

This is pretty amazing, right? We know a lot about crystals and since modern science figured out how to grow crystals, we know even more. This gets me to the next part about a very specific type of singing bowls.


Crystal Singing Bowls

So this part is about a very much younger type of singing bowls. The crystal singing bowl was made sometime in the 1970s by William “Lupito” Jones who is the co-founder of Crystal Tones. They have probably the most versatile collection you could find out there. They range from around $150 a piece to sets that cost several thousand dollars. The people that do buy them usually tend to have some kind of business or healing center where more people can come and get treated with this technique. But the cheaper ones are a great alternative for the layman and I’m saving up for one right now. So keep a look out for a personal review in the upcoming future.

To make one you need to have high grade quartz crystals, more precisely 99,992% in purity. The quartz is then heated to 4000 degrees Fahrenheit, or 2200 Celsius, before it is poured into a mold. The bowl can also be fused with other gem stones that are known to have certain abilities. They can be clear or frosted and even infused with an outer layer of gold, silver, platinum, titanium or different kinds of minerals and range in sizes from 6 inches to all the way up to 24 inches in diameter.

The bowls are tunes to the various notes in the musical scale and sends out a pure, powerful resonance that correspond with your body’s chakra energies. Since the body is a great resonator, made out of crystals, this have shown to have profound effects on internal organs, tissue, cells as well as the circulatory endocrine system and the metabolic system. It slows down brainwaves, stimulate you autonomic nerve system and boost you immune system. All the way down to molecular level, these crystals are what binds us together and balances our electromagnetic energies. Our bones, blood, DNA and even the colloidal structure of your brain, so again, this is an amazing rediscovery.

I say rediscovery since the ancient people seemed to have knowledge about this a long time ago.



How to choose the right bowl for you.

If you are buying you first singing bowl ever, it can be hard to make the right choice without some guidelines. I am no expert in this field, but since I have some experience, I will give you some tips so you easily can make a good choice.

  • The first thing is to give it a tap and listen to the sound. Do you like it or is it maybe too high? Try a couple out and listen to them until you find the one that speaks to you.
  • When you found it, give it another tap and then gently start drag the stick on the outside of the bowl in a clockwise motion. If you don’t succeed at once, just give it a couple of tries and you will get that pulse tone. Be sure to do the motion clockwise as your chakra energy flow also is clockwise.
  • Now close your eyes and feel the vibrations. If you can feel it resonate with your third chakra, that’s just between the heart and the navel, then you have got a winner.

As promised I will leave you a link to a site named Buddha Groove that has a lot of different singing bowls, among other things that you might find interesting. Now you are ready to start exploring your consciousness with the help of sound and resonance.

Perfect health is a free flow of the universal energies throughout the body!


Thank you for reading and if I can help you with something more, just leave a comment below and I’ll get back to you ASAP!





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  1. Wow. What a sound. I am especially amazed by singing bowl with water – this really relaxes and heals the soul. Listening to these sounds you are slowly plunging into the depths of your own being, and the sound is guiding you into awakening of your soul from the sleep.

    Thanks a lot.

  2. What can I say?
    This is one of the most impressive articles I had the pleasure to read recently, no doubt about it!
    Even though I consider myself a spiritual person, I gotta confess:
    I didn’t know like 80% of the information you presented here!
    But now I do, thanks to you!
    I think I’m already in love with the Crystal Singing Bowls, by the way…
    The world needs more posts just like yours in my opinion.
    So keep them coming!

    1. Thank you Boby! I’m happy to hear that you liked it! Maybe my other article that I left a link to in the beginning of the article is something yo would like too. I leave a link here as well.

  3. That is simply amazing! I love singing bowls. I can’t believe how beneficial they can be in healing the mind, body, soul and spirit! I also, found it really cool and interesting how they made and what they are made from, “Gold, Silver, Mercury, Iron, Copper, Lead and Tin. They all correspond to a specific planet each, the Sun, Mercury, Venus, the Moon, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn.” I am pretty sure everyone this day and age could benefit from owing their own singing bowls. Thanks, for writing this article I highly enjoyed it!

    1. Thank you for reading! Yes, it is truly amazing what modern science just start to discover and how awesome it is to explore the ancient civilizations that obviously knew more than we do today! I think you would like my other article about sound too so if you get the time, please take a look at that one as well.
      Have a great day and may the sound be with you!

  4. What great insight!! This is a great article, very interesting to read. I had no idea what a singing bowl was, how amazing!!

    1. Hello Juvette and thank you for taking your time to read this! I’m so happy that this article led to someone that never heard about Singing bowls before! My mission is done! haha.
      I wish you a fantastic journey on your further discoveries about the important of sound!

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