Master Your Mind

So last Wednesday I started to look which online meditation programs out there really has value.

The criteria were simple:

  • Anyone should be able to perform it
  • Gives the practician significant changes
  • Not too time-consuming
  • Money Back Guarantee

Live and Dare’s Master Your Mind – Beginner Course is the one I decided to start of with.



The first 4 days.

So far this program really surprise me. Every day comes with a PDF, an audio file were Giovanni reads the PDF to you. The days you get a new “task” to add to your daily routine, you also get another audio file with a guided meditation to quickly learn the new part of you practice.



Results so far

Giovanni helps you to achieve a daily practice by making you map out the perfect setting and routine for you. He also includes a wisdom word quoted by known accomplished people for each day. This is a good thing that you easily can use as a mantra for that day, reminding you that you are on a path to something greater!



What about the criteria

So far, so good. It is very easy and yet really good value this far. The hardest part of meditation is always getting that routine to stick for each day, and Giovanni has so far nailed it. I can’t forget to do it since I connected my trigger to my breakfast.



If you have any questions or just want to know more, then leave a comment below and I’ll help you out!

See you soon for the next update!






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  1. Hi Fredrik. Your criteria for choosing a program are good and should benefit many people wanting to learn how to meditate. Keep it up. Looking forward to the next follow up.

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