Hello everyone and welcome back to another weekly review of the online meditation program called Master Your Mind – Beginners Course by Live & Dare. As usual, I won’t keep you waiting. Let’s take a look at what this week have to offer.


Mantra meditation.

It’s time for you to learn about mantra meditation and feel the tremendous power of resonance in your body. First of all, you will get help to pick your Mantra of choice. You could use a word in your native language or do as I did and go with a classic mantra like “OM”. After picking one, you then get guided through the new part by Giovanni to ensure that you got everything right. At this point you will be sitting for 8 minutes.



Calm your body.

Relaxation is one of the reasons I started pursuit meditation in my life. But it doesn’t just come by itself. I learned that if I tried to get into a meditative state when I was feeling stressed and not relaxed, it failed almost 100% of the times! So I have learned to prepare my mind for this. In this week Giovanni will also provide you with some simple steps that you easily can implement to make every meditation session much, much more pleasant and uplifting.



Running mind.

One of the most common statements I hear is, “I can’t meditate. My mind is too wild. I can’t seem to get the thoughts under control”. I even have a friend that said, “I don’t dare to meditate, my mind is too vivid. It scares me”. Oh, what I would give to have a super vivid mind!

Anyhow. Another part of this week is to help you to prevent your thoughts from becoming a distraction. The key here is to learn how not to let your attention focus on your thoughts, rather than just acknowledge that they are there, and going back to focusing on your mantra. You will also add another minute making the total practice 9 minutes.



I just feel bored.

Many people stop meditation because the fact that it is boring! Boredom have killed more opportunities than money have killed dreams. So the last thing week 3 will cover is how you deal with all the emotions that can surface during meditation. Boredom is just common to be the first one people experience so if you feel this, you are on the right path.

Here you will learn to simply label the emotion that makes it easier to accept. If you accept an emotion and acknowledge that it’s there, then you can investigate it. When you have investigated the emotion, you will be able to release it and let it go. If you also try to gladden your mind before meditation, you will even look forward to it even more. It’s a great way to get to the next step in your practice. Now you are ready to go for a full 10 minutes.



That was all for this week and this course still gives great value. Hope I helped you made up your mind if you are looking for a way to assist your personal growth! Click the banner below to read more about how to get started today.


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Thanks for reading about the Master Your Mind – Beginners Course Week 3 review! Please leave a comment down below if I there is something I could help you with, or just tell us about your experience with meditation!


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8 Replies

  1. Simply WOW! This journey has helped me get to a deeper relaxation, and dare i say i am more at peace with myself. I also have found that my anger levels have calmed a lot since i started meditating. Thank you for explaining everything in such detail.

    1. Hello Florin and thank you for reading! I’m very happy to hear that meditation is helping you! That is the simple goal of this site, to help others become one with themselves and stop the struggle!
      Have a great day and keep meditating ever day!

  2. Hi Fredrik. I look forward to sitting down and meditating. It is such a release from the sensory overload that most of us consider normal throughout our daily lives.
    I haven’t added chanting to my practice for many years now, but you have reminded me that this is something worth doing again. The vibrations that resonate throughout the body when chanting are a fantastic way to release stuck energy and create general wellbeing.
    For those that get bored when meditating, I would say to them that they really need to meditate as their overactive mind is ruining their lives. The feeling of boredom will pass with time as they learn to relax and let go of stress in their body and mind. Meditation and mindfulness are such important tools on the path of personal development.
    Keep the good information coming my friend!

  3. I have just started learning about the effects of meditation and the use of mantras! I have always wanted to start meditating but have never carved out the time to do it on a regular basis. I think I’ve only done about 5 minutes tops, but I think this course would definitely help me increase that time. I’m definitely going to check it out. Thanks for the post!

    1. Thank you for your comment Ashley! If you just start with 2-3 minutes a day, you can easily extend the time when feeling more comfortable. I definitely recommend this course for anyone new to meditation. The benefits are huge in your life,that is a promise.

  4. This is a great article and it has definitely helped me open my eyes to what I’m doing wrong. I know I’ve held off from mediating due to my distractions in my mind but I think these tips are great. From now on I’m going to realize my thoughts are there because you can’t make them go away but I’ll just focus more on my mantra. Wish me luck!

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