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I hope you all are great and been waiting for this update about online meditation programs, precisely the Live and Dare – Master Your Mind – Beginners Course. So let’s jump right into it!

Master Your Mind Beginners Course



The second week is about your mental side. At this point you will be at 4 minutes and adding a timer. Recommended is Insight Timer. (available on both iOS and Android)

By now I have started to feel a significant change in the rising and falling sensation with every breath. This makes it really easy to be present during the whole meditation session.

The first thing to add to this week is paying attention to sensation meditation brings to your body. Next, Giovanni teaches a great way to understand how attention works, what your thoughts most likely attend to, and how you learn to enjoy it.

Its now time to increase to 5 minutes.

Together you take a look at obstacles, and learn how to increase your resilience to what otherwise could break your meditation chain.


Better Posture

Confused about posture?

No problem. This is a commonly asked question so the next thing to cover is just that. You get a list of 8 simple steps on how to sit in the correct way to get the most benefit from your meditation. Also, included are a few pictures of commonly used seating positions.

Another thing people often ask is abut the breath. Should I breath slow, fast, deep or shallow? As this is an important part for you to master your mind, this is also covered at this point.

Now you can start going for 7 minutes.


AttentionTime check.

Since we all have different agendas and not the same hour at work or school as the next one, you need to make sure that you have all your things worked out so that nothing comes in the way of your meditation time. Maybe you started this at a weekend and didn’t think it all through? Maybe you need more time in the morning? Does your spot feel like the optimal place, or could you update it? Does your trigger habits work as intended? If you need to change one thing, maybe you need to change the trigger as well.

You are now ready to try without counting and also adding another minuter making the total 7 minutes.


Coaching opportunity

At the end of this week, you get an offer about a 40 minute Skype session with Giovanni himself at no extra cost. He does want you to invite three friends instead to the program. At this point, if you enrolled, you could make an educated decision on whether you got value for you $59 so far, or not. Then perhaps you have three friends that could benefit from this too, and there you go. More value added.



Giovanni have really grasped the concept of giving the costumer ten times (x10) their value. I have paid the same amount and even double for real world training which only include like 3-5 sessions. Non of them have covered this much for the frustrated beginner as the Live and Dare Master Your Mind – Beginners Course does in just 20% of it’s full length.


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Thank you for reading and it you have any further questions, don’t hesitate to drop a comment below and I’ll get back to you very soon!


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  1. I understand the importance of meditation but I don’t observe correct posture. As discuss, posture has significance in the rising and falling sensation with every breath, which I have to follow to maximize good result.

  2. Thank you for your Live & Dare Review.

    As someone who has been meditating for many years, I can confirm the many positive effects of meditation and mastering your mind. My meditation has developed over the years as trial and error, with a lot of errors!

    I have recently become aware of Giovanni Dienstmann’s Beginners Meditation Course and I wish something like this existed when I started meditating, it would have saved me a lot of time and I would have enjoyed the benefits of mastering my mind and my life much quicker.

    I am sending your site link to some of my friends who I know can benefit from this course… keep up the good work!

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