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Hello everyone!

Welcome to the second part of my suggestions on how to make money online from home.

I came to realize that not all the ways are made from home, but they don’t force you to change too much of your regular habits, so I decided that they are still good ways to make money so they get to stay on the list. If you haven’t read the first part you can read it HERE.

Let’s get to it.


A lot of people are using YouTube today and anyone can become famous if that’s their desire. But to start a successful YouTube channel isn’t as easy as it sounds. You can’t just expect people to find you and start following you without putting some planning and effort into it.

Choose your account type.

You need to choose which way you are going with your channel. Vlogging, commentary, un-boxing, reaction videos etc. Just try to go in the direction of your passion and you will find it much easier and much more fun! If you like 3D printers, why not make a channel about them?

If you can create “evergreen” content, then you can make a really great passive income stream from this.

Channel graphics.

A serious YouTube channel most of the time include great artwork. It’s important to have a good logo or icon and create thumbnails for each video. You can create your own art using the free tool Canva, or you could outsource it on Fiverr, Upwork or freelancer for about $5.

Having good channel art gives the impression that you are serious, which you are, right?

Make a strategy plan. 

How do you plan to grow the account? You should create necessary social media accounts (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest etc.) and connect to your new channel. Also, it’s a great idea to find and follow others in the same niche as you. This way you can easily get some great ideas if you ever run out yourself.

Create an uploading schedule. How often will you upload? As you brow your channel, your subscribers are expecting new content on a regular basis, so try to upload at least once every week.

How long do you want your videos to be? How much time will you need for editing? If you are consistent with quality content then you are going to attract more subscribers. Quality over quantity is the key to a successful channel.

Create content for your viewers, not just to make money!

Make your channel SEO friendly.

Your title should be relevant to your content. If you are uploading a video about how to use a specific 3D printer, then your title could look something like this: “Instruction video on how to use xxx-3D printer. First hand experience.” You will have a lot of experience already searching your chosen topic for your own research, so you probably have a good idea of how to formulate your own titles.

Your description should be relative to your video content, but you should use keywords thrown into the description to make it even more search friendly. But don’t overdo this. Your viewers should be able to read it without knowing that you put some keywords in there or they won’t find it worth reading.

Using TAGS. These are very important and often forgotten by people. In this section you can put as many relevant words (tags) as you like that describes your video. I should also mention that YouTube tags are plural sensitive, meaning that if you posted a video about 3D printers then one tag could be “best 3D printer” and another one should be “best 3D printers”. This way you get ranked for both search phrases and could easily increase your views.

How to make the actual money

1. AdSense

This is the most well-known way of creating income from YouTube channels. You have definitely seen those ads that you can skip after 5 seconds. That’s AdSense making about every 10th visitor watch an advertisement, then you get paid. You just need to connect your YouTube Channel to your Google AdSense account and you are ready to go. Then it’s up to you how much content you are creating.

2. Selling products

A lot of YouTubers are selling stuff on their channels. In theory, it sounds simple enough, right? You create quality content and sell them products that add to the value your channel is providing. In reality, it’s a bit more work than that. Just getting someone to enter their payment information online to an untrusted source is not the easiest task. You need to build trust, have a solid plan as your foundation and attention to details to make those first struggling sales.

You want to have some product that your audience desires, that provide value and create your quality content around that, without forcing it on your viewers.

Physical merchandise, like hats and cloths, can be hard to realistically generate a passive income from. But if you are a really creative person with excellent designs, or really rare, catch phrases, then in the long term you might have a highly profitable long term income stream. It can also be a great way to get a broader audience if you have an Etsy or RedBubble store.

3. Become an affiliate

This is a really popular choice today. More and more people are becoming affiliates every day. You might think a small channel could never create an income from being an affiliate, or that you need a large audience. Maybe you think you need to have more marketing skills for this option. Back in the days that was true but this couldn’t be further from the truth today. As long as you keep the promise that you’re only going to provide value to your viewers, then this would be true for your direction as an affiliate as well.

To keep it simple, let’s stick to 3D printers. You start by providing quality content to your audience on a consistent schedule. After getting the hang of it all, planning, making videos, editing, uploading etc. then you could start looking for a 3D printer Affiliate program. When being accepted, you just keep on as usual, provide quality content about 3D printers. The only difference is that you now also provide a link to your viewers so that they can buy the printer you are talking about. You could make a video called: “The best 3D Printers of 2018”. In the description you would then post links to the manufacturer and you earn a commission if someone decides to buy from your link. Remember to make honest videos. Your job is to provide value for your viewers, NOT just put money in your own pocket. Your career won’t last for too long if you are ripping people off since scammers are revealed fast!

All three of these strategies can be combined to vastly increase your income.

Do I recommend doing this? Yes, but only if you are committed to keep creating quality content for you viewers, not trying to sell them something. If you keep to the rule that 1 of 5, or even 6 videos are income related, with the exception to put AdSense in every video, then you’ll be fine. If you do decide to combine these methods, I highly recommend Wealthy Affiliate as the starting point. They have all the training on how to make money online from home. Click HERE to read more about it.

Create an online course

This could go hand in hand with your YouTube channel, if you decide to start one.

Let’s say, you have your YouTube channel about 3D printers. Over the course of time, you realize that you are getting great at using a special design or CAD program for your 3D prints. This is a great opportunity for you to put together a simple video course on how to use the tips & tricks that you are using to make their design as good as yours. You will gain more trust by being an expert in the field. But the most valuable thing for you is that as you start to teach others what you know, then you will inevitably learn more skills for yourself! After a while you can add a more advanced course for a higher fee.

You can find a lot of guidance and help on how to create your own courses at sites like these:

These platforms help you take care of the marketing, transactions and all the technicalities. You just upload your course and let them take care of the rest. Of course they will take a cut from your payment for handling these services.

Even if your marketing is taken care of by the platforms I mentioned above, it could be a good idea to use social media and market it yourself as well. Just always remember to create high value content, especially in your online training courses.


If you have a Blog with topics that interest you with good SEO (search engine optimization) then you could be sitting on a potential income stream. Creating a Blog with good SEO takes some time and skill, but don’t worry about it, I’ll show you how to go at it.

If you are planning to make money from a blog, you need to choose a niche you are passionate about. Why’s that? Because search engines like Google like consistency, and it will be hard to maintain a constant flow of content if you don’t like the niche you’ve chosen because you think it is going to generate a lot of money for you.

Then you need to get some understanding of how SEO works. This can be learned from many sources online. You could take an online course from someone at any of the sites I mentioned in the “Create an online course” part right above, or you could join an Affiliate Network to get all the training you need to run a successful Blog. This is included in the Wealthy Affiliate training that comes with the free membership.

Once your blog has reached a certain amount of readers and unique daily visitors, you can join Google Adworks to start monetizing your blog with ads relevant to your content. You can also earn a great deal of money from paid partnerships, affiliate marketing and product endorsements.

In a case study done on how much people make from blogging the results vary between $200-$2,500 monthly by monetizing their blogs, but some big-time bloggers make all the way up to $20,000 per month.


  • Ability to earn money by writing about things you are passionate about.
  • Work from anywhere.
  • Little to no start-up costs. (.com domain name is about $20 yearly)
  • Multiple ways to earn income.


  • Building a following and good SEO takes time.
  • You’ll need to post consistently at first to gain higher SEO rankings

How to get started? First you’ll need to build a website. You can join WA to do that for free and host up to three sites as a free member. You can have your site up and running today this way, or you can go to WordPress and then work with google and YouTube to find people helping you out, but this is a sucker’s way since it will take you forever without a proper community backing you. So WA is the place for you if Blogging is your choice.

Create content for large social media accounts

Yep, you can do that. If you focus on medium accounts with 100,000 followers or above, you could generate a passive income that you could scale as high as you want.

I will be focusing solely on Instagram in this post.

1. Creating content.

You need to have some basic knowledge using some photo applications to create content. A lot of pros go for Photoshop but if you are on a tight budget then Canva or SparkPost also gets the job done quite easy.

Then you need to decide what kind of accounts you will be contacting. (MEME pages, Motivational, Luxury, Training, Traveling etc). I recommend choosing something you are passionate about here as well since it will be more fun to create the content.

2. Contacting accounts

As said above, we are focusing on accounts that have +100,000 followers since they most likely are monetized and are generating income for the owner. These accounts are more likely to buy your services than smaller accounts. Big accounts have some kind of contact in their bio. Look for something in style with, “E-mail or DM for inquiries” or an E-mail button under the bio. If you can’t find any, just send them a direct message. Spend a moment crafting a good message and you’ll usually get response quite fast. Be sure to include 2-3 pieces of content as a taste of what they can expect. Make it relevant to the account type you are contacting. Say you make 15 posts each week and get $20 at a starting point.

Contact 20-25 accounts daily until you have built up a good amount of replies and keep repeating this until you have a favorable amount of clients ready to pay you. Then it’s up to you how many or how few clients you can handle.

3. Receiving payment

Payment is very straight forward. Nothing more than a PayPal or Venmo account is necessary.

4. Outsourcing (Optional)

If you are thinking of scaling up and deal with multiple clients on a weekly basis, then outsourcing some of your work is a great way to keep the cash flowing while keeping yourself from getting burned out. There is just so much each person can handle so head on over to Fiverr to find someone to hire. This is not expensive so you will still make more than you are spending. Be sure to have Originality in your content. More large accounts will be willing to work with you if you keep delivering great, unique content. Be sure to specify this to your employee if you plan to outsource some of your work.

I’m starting to realize how big this article is getting. What I’m going to do is extend this to a third part that I’ll try to post tomorrow.

So, Thank you for reading the second part of How to make money online from home. (PART 1 HERE) Leave a comment below if you have any questions, insights or tips & tricks to add.

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