Hello everyone.

Today I’m going to tell you how you can, just as I do, find you passion career and in some time, add $$$ to your pocket while doing what you love.

So I’m sure that most of the people that are reading this have got some sort of passion in life. It could be working out, cooking/baking, make-up, technology, yeah, anything you could think of actually. And I’m also pretty sure that the top 95% of people out there would do something else than their regular day job for income if they really could choose for themselves.

Well guess what. Today, anyone can! The internet opens up so many opportunities for anyone and everyone.

I spent the last 2 years of my life, trying to find something to do that actually generate some income, while still being quite lazy, or at least be able to do it from home. The whole process started when I read a book about how the richest people in the world got to that position. I realized that if I ever wanted to live a life in abundance, that I think is every humans birth right at this amazing planet, I needed to start earn money while sleeping.

Now, if you are not familiar with this type of thinking, you might be wondering how the heck that is going to be possible? I know I have thought that many times and still do. I don’t have money to invest in the big league, buy stocks or real-estate, I cannot afford any fancy courses and I don’t want to go back to school.

What I found out was that with a bit of knowledge, you could get in to this thing called affiliate marketing. It is a jungle out there when it comes to this subject, believe me, I know! I spent the last year trying to figure it out! I attended Webinars and Q&As;, signed up for all free stuff I can find, opened a Shopify store, tried out drop-shipping, followed numerous of “Self-Made YouTubers” and even tried out the ClickBank University with a subscription at like $49 a month. I can tell you, most didn’t get me the solution to my problem, just wanted up-sell something. Don’t get me wrong, they all had a lot of great content that definitely send me in the right direction and is partly responsible for why I am at the best place for me right now! So kudos to all that contributed to my journey, knowingly or not!



I can’t handle a boring job.

So, for me this was the hardest obstacle to find a solution to. Every f***ing job that you don’t need like, let’s say, a life-time in school for, is most likely boring and doesn’t even pay good enough to keep you motivated. That was the case for me and still is when it comes to “traditional” jobs.

I needed to find a way to do something I love, and make a living from it at the same time. Not so easy, right?

But it should be! And it really is! If you think about it.. Don’t YOU have something you could teach or tell other people about? Some knowledge about a particular subject? Some hobby or thing that really sparks your interest? Then, you could turn that knowledge, hobby or interest into profit for yourself. Both as passive, AND recurring income!

I know, right? Sounds too good to be true. Well, some days I still wake up thinking that it is! Here is a typical day of mine so that you can compare it to yours.

  • Wake up whenever I want. Usually around 8.30-9.30 am.
  • Then I meditate for about 15-20 minutes.
  • I try to get to the gym to get a sweat going before breakfast. (I fail to get my butt to the gym sometimes, but that’s OK).
  • I get home to have breakfast with my beautiful girlfriend then get in the shower.
  • Then I usually go round the apartment, watering and spraying down all my plants.
  • Then I spend about 45 min to 1 hour reading, or watching videos, about stuff I really like and try to take some notes. Sometimes I just spend an hour listening to a podcast or audio book.
  • Then I spend some time writing about these things. What I learned, what I already know and how I can assist someone that have the same interests as me, but not the same knowledge level yet. I mostly write about Meditation, growing plants and some eco-living, but I choose exactly what I want to write about.

By now the clock is about 14.00-14.30 and I can, if I wanted to, just spend the rest of my day doing anything I want. But since I love to learn more and share that knowledge to others, I tend to keep “working” longer days then just to 15.00.


So how do I do this?

Well, after a while I got tired of spending money on stuff that I needed to learn much more about to get working the way that I wanted. All the stuff YouTubers and online academies are telling you to do requires a certain set of skill and knowledge. It might be easy for some people, but definitely not for all.

I realized that I needed a community of people that had the same problems as me. The forum hunt begun, but ended pretty much the same day, or the day after, I don’t really remember.

I had found the place I was looking for! Through a review, about another program that I already tried, I found out what this guy called Jerry was recommending instead as an alternative to that program. And it was FREE to sign up and get started, so no hesitation there. And today I must say; Thank you, Jerry for giving me the chance to become a member of this awesome community, Wealthy Affiliate!



Expect all the training you need, and more

So there are probably many people out there going, “I don’t know anything about computers and certainly not about creating a website, blog or an online store. Don’t sweat it, I really didn’t either, even if I liked to think I did.

All you need is these 3 simple things!

  1. A passion, interest or hobby. Preferred to be something you love to learn more about yourself.
  2. Be able to read and understand English. You could of course get someone to help you if not.
  3. Be able to write, make videos or record audio – like a Podcast. This does not need to be in English as many tend to do write in their native language as well.

Boom, you are all set to start your way towards making your passion into your income!

At Wealthy Affiliate, when you first start of as a free member, you get access to exactly everything you need. It does not matter if this is the first time you heard the word “affiliate”, WA got you back!

You might know a lot about sports, or you are a trainer. Maybe you own a car dealership and need to get some more attraction. Or maybe you are a struggling YouTuber that just don’t have the followers to live off YouTube alone, and need to boost your brand.

If I told you that you could have your website up and running today, within the next hour, would you think I’m just trying to string you along? I hope you do think that, because that makes this even better, for you!

As you sign up and join the community, you will be assigned a few tasks as fill out your profile and upload a profile picture. This is the first step towards interacting with tens of thousands other, just like you. Suddenly competition became a much smaller issue because some of the most successful people in the internet business just became your teachers, colleagues and maybe also friends.

Next is to start your training. This is where it gets really brilliant. You have access to the “Getting Started” course that contains 28 parts designed for you to:

  • Understanding how to make money online
  • Find your niche
  • Build your Website
  • Set it up properly
  • Getting your site ranked in search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo
  • Creating your content
  • Learn how to use the right keywords

When you have completed these steps, you are up and running. And remember, all this is for free.



How can they offer all this for free?

At Wealthy Affiliate, they don’t want to take your money and leave you without the knowledge if you even can and want to do this for sure. Of course they have a paid membership alternative too. But the key here is to find out if this is something you want to do, and in your own time, without the stress of the free membership expiring in like a month, or 2 weeks.

You can stay as a free member as long as you want. Some people have been free members for years before making the decision to go premium and make this their full time thing. Me on the other hand, I’ve been looking for this community for a long time, so I think I went premium in about six or seven days and the extended training I have got so far is probably worth about $2.000. By the way, I’ve paid $19 so far and I got this site up and running, still learning more and more every day on how to reach more people like me.

It is also perfect for smaller businesses to expand and reach a broader audience.




The thing is…

I can’t even start to tell you all the things you can learn at WA. Everything from very Newbie to Extremely Advanced is covered in the training, and if that’s not enough, they have over 320 Hours of live training content and webinars for you. Video, Text, Live Classes/Webinars, Instant Chat, everything you can think of, they have already thought about, and found a solution for.

If you ever get stuck, just drop a question in the live chat and someone of you tens of thousands new friends are there to help you out. Could this get any better?

Well, as I’m still pretty new to WA, it will probably get much better. I just wanted to share the value they have given me, that I couldn’t find in any other collected place in my pursuit of online income.


Thanks for reading and I hope that I will be helping you Start Your Dream Today! If you have any questions that I haven’t covered, just drop a comment below and I’ll help you figure things out.



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5 Replies

  1. This is an excellent review! I’m also a Wealthy Affiliate member and I can definitely vouch for everything you’ve stated.

    I’ve been working retail my entire life and I just can’t deal with the petty crap anymore, which is why I decided to start my own online business. It’s time to move away from the J.O.B and start doing something I really love and don’t mind working on every single day.

    For anyone who wants to start an online business, you’ll definitely want to start with Wealthy Affiliate because that’s really the only training you need in order to be a successful affiliate marketer.

  2. The article gives us something to think about.
    I think, every person’s dream is to run away from boring daily work and do what you really like to do. And if the Wealthy Affiliate gives us this opportunity, we must take it without hesitation.

  3. In my research into internet marketing, I have found that most people think of it as a joke and don’t take it seriously, like it isn’t a “real job”.
    I have stopped talking about it now to the people in my close circle (except for my wonderful partner who is very supportive).
    Most of these people make their judgement because they don’t really know what affiliate marketing is so they just make assumptions.
    The best thing about wealthy affiliate is that you can try it for FREE, which means there’s nothing to lose and no money to spend. What other training programs can offer that?

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